Trademark Products

is a natural standardized formula derived from Bacopa monnieri. Clinical research indicates that Bacognize® may offer benefits for cognitive health, memory, focus, attention, mood, and stress.

is a clinically researched whole food fermentate from Saccharomyces cerevisiae shown to support the immune system for better overall health.

is a unique and patented form of Calcium Ascorbate-Threonate with the main clinically proven benefits of quick absorption and 24-hour retention in the immune system.

Glycomega™ is Greenshell™ mussel powder sourced from the clean waters of New Zealand. Glycomega™ provides a rich source of all major classes of glycosaminoglycan’s (GAGs) which are principal components of cartilage and the synovial fluid found in joints.

are high quality Omega3 concentrates up to 700 mg/g EPA and DHA combined, obtained from sustainable sources in South America.

is a pure, high quality Golden Omega™ fish oil concentrate, optimized by Omegatri™ technology into a direct compressible powder for tablets. GOtab has proven fast bioavailability, with no reflux or fishy aftertaste and allows a combination with a wide range of ingredients.

is a high purity, scientifically proven, food grade Sodium Hyaluronate. Clinical research on HAPLEX®Plus shows improvements in skin elasticity, degenerative osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

contains the natural antioxidant curcumin, optimised for maximum bioavailability into blood and target tissues. It supplies significant levels of free (not glucuronidated or inactivated) curcumin. Brain, Vascular, Exercise Recovery and Inflammation research.

is mainly type I fish collagen peptides, including dipeptides and tripeptides. It is produced from high quality raw materials (fish skins) and by specific enzymatic hydrolysis.

is a scientifically proven, branded form of MSM precisely manufactured in the U.S. in a single purpose production facility, through a multi-stage distillation process.

OrgaVitaz™ is a range of organic (DE-ÖKO-006), vegan and active vitamins and minerals, offered as whole-food complexes in their natural plant-based existing forms.

is a patented, clinically researched pomegranate extract standardised to punicalagins along with the natural spectrum of pomegranate fruit polyphenols.

is a natural, organic certified seaweed, sourced and manufactured to sustainable and high quality standards in pristine Scottish waters. High quality green powders, carefully grown and processed using special harvesting techniques, low temperature dehydration and milling processes to ensure their nutrient-dense profile incl. Iodine, deep green color and freshness (DE-ÖKO-006).

SatiPlus™ is a clinically researched, patented ingredient, manufactured from freeze drying the aerial parts of cultivated Hoodia parviflora.
SatiPlus™ is intended to be used in food and dietary supplement products to support weight loss and metabolism management in adults.

Isomalto Oligosaccharides are a high-fiber and low-calorie sweetness from corn or tapioca,. It allows fiber enrichment, low energy content and simultaneous texture improvement. Acts synergistically with sweeteners and flavors.

Proprietary WokVel® extract is derived from Boswellia serrata and standardized to boswellic acids to achieve efficacious levels of keto-boswellic acid.It is a natural, clinically backed botanical ingredient that is known to support joint health by targeting the 5-lipoxygense pathway.

is a unique combination of free lutein with varying levels of zeaxanthin, manufactured from carefully selected marigold plants.

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